Gaby's Homepage for CP/M and Computer History

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CP/M Center

Information, Downloads and Links for the CP/M Operating System.


Links to Computer collectors and museums, User groups, and other useful pages.


Downloads for CP/M-86, CP/M-Plus, Z Systems, and DOS.


Small exhibition of my private collection.
Since I've sold my collection, this is now a virtual exhibition only. The pages will remain, though.

The Unofficial CP/M Website

Contains the original CP/M binaries and sources, the Digital Research Documentation Project, Emulators, Small C, and more.

Windows 3.1x

Downloads and links for an up-to-date Windows 3.1x.

Z80 Family Support Page

Thomas Scherrer's Z80 site with collected information about the Z80 processor family.


Annual meeting of CP/M and 8bit enthuasiasts. Many pictures and reports.

CP/M Club

German CP/M User Group (page is in German only).


The ZNODE51 "BBS" containing about 150 megs of CP/M downloads and related programs and tools.


All about the GIDE Interface - by Tilmann Reh.

TCJ Articles

Articles from The Computer Journal.

Computer meetings

Pictures and summaries from various old computer meetings.

FTP Server

The FTP server contains a bunch of software for CP/M and Windows 3.1x.