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December 9, 2012:

Don Maslin's system disk collection available again, see Don Maslin's Archive.

May 29, 2004:

By order of Sydex, Inc. I had to remove the downloads of Anadisk, CopyQM and Teledisk, as well as the extended 22disk definitions file.

April 16, 2004:

As of today, the unrestricted FOG Disks are available at the ZNODE51 for download.

August 2003:

For all Windows 3.1x user: Calmira Online!, the website of the W9x style shell, has moved. The new URL is now calmira.DE. Please update your links accordingly.

October, 2002:

My Windows 3.1x site has been completely redesigned and now also contains a page about NT 3.1 and a FAQ. I've also added a mirror of the Microsoft Software Library 1991-1994.

February 17, 2002:

I've issued a new version of my program Diskinfo: v. 1.72. Most important new feature: it now recognizes DVD-ROMs, too.

December 12, 2001:

There's a little compilation of TCJ articles, until now containing three articles by Hal Bower - and there are more to come.

December 3, 2001:

The server has recently broken all its prior records: More than 89,000 visitors were counted only last week! Also traffic reached its climax with more than 13 GB in the month of November. This was mainly caused by an article in The Register (and an identical one in the Newsforge) dealing with the reopening of the Unofficial CP/M Website:

November 8, 2001:

The Unofficial CP/M Website has been re-opened, as there is a new license for CP/M.
Tilmann Reh has put his collected information about the GIDE Interface on the web. I donated him an own directory for that purpose.
Last but not least (a part of now hosts a mirror of Thomas Scherrer's Z80 Family Support Homepage.

June 20, 2001:

The CP/M links have been updated. Please have especially a look at the z80a emulator by Bill Haygood.
New at the Unofficial CP/M Website: An archive of the sources to the various CP/M manuals. Inside the CP/M center I've added a page with CP/M related manuals, too.