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Vintage Computer Festival Europe 1.0, April 2000 in Munich
Pictures from VCFe 1.0
Gabys summary of VCFE 1.0 (in German)
Helmuts summary of VCFE 1.0
Vintage Computer Festival Europe 2.0, April 2001 in Munich
Pictures from VCFe 2.0
Joergs summary of VCFE 2.0 (in German)
Vintage Computer Festival Europa 3.0, April 2002 in Munich
Pictures from VCFe 3.0 (by Gaby Chaudry)
Pictures from VCFe 3.0 (by Leopold Stein)
please check out the Official VCFe web page
Xzentrix in Seeshaupt
The official XzentriX Homepage
Z-Fest in Gueglingen/Fuldatal
Pictures and summaries from past ZFests and preview of next ZFest.