Available Information about GIDE:

IDE-TCJ.txt TCJ Articles about IDE interfacing, plain text (63 KB)
IDE-TCJ.pdf ditto, as PDF - thanks Stefan Schwieger (135 KB)
GIDE.txt Detailed description of GIDE circuit (10 KB)
GIDEplan.pdf Schematic of GIDE interface (248 KB)
GIDEbrd.pdf PCB layout of GIDE interface (component side only, 32 KB)
GIDEgals.zip GAL contents (PALASM source and JEDEC, 4 KB)
GIDEprog.zip Collection of software tools and samples (54 KB)
GIDEtest09.zip    GIDE test software modified for ATAPI support, by Shawn Sijnstra (18 KB)
RTC7242X-AM.pdf    Seiko-Epson RTC 72421 family Application Manual (203 KB)

For information about the newest GIDE development by the KC85 User Club, click here.

Terry Gulczynski has adapted the GIDE circuit to match the P112 expansion port.
He also developed a "dual GIDE" interface with two logically separated IDE ports.
Click here for more information.

Hal Bower has implemented GIDE support in his "Banked and Portable Bios" (B/P Bios).
Here's a link to his website.

Herb Johnson has collected some information and history about GIDE here,
including links to the other relevant websites.

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If detailed questions come up, which are not answered by the documents above, you can contact me by e-mail.

28. April 2009, Tilmann Reh